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Useful Information

What is Healthcare Syria?

Healthcare Syria is a nonprofit website that gathers donations for those who require medical and health expenses in the State of Syria. Syria has been going through war since 2011. Today the healthcare system in Syria has been seriously compromised, and a considerable number of physicians and healthcare professionals have departed the country during the conflict, imposing a significant burden on the residual medically ill citizens.  Within this nonprofit website, we aim to fundraise donations and send them to Syria for families who require health expenses.  

To whom and where is the money being sent? 

We plan to send the gathered donations monthly to families in Syria who require medical and health assistance and for their medical and health expenses. In addition, the donations will be forwarded to Shadi Halwi, a Syrian journalist who does an outstanding job in Syria. he receives donations through Western Union; millions of people have donated money to him so that he would give it to people who require finances in Syria. Therefore, Shadi Halwi will be an excellent help to Healthcare Syria. 

Is it safe to contribute to Healthcare Syria?

Healthcare Syria is a great fundraiser to contribute; we hope to make a difference in the lives of others struggling and dying in Syria. Contributing to Healthcare Syria means you have contributed to saving a person's life with your generous donations. And this is why we thank you for every assistance and effort that you have contributed to Healthcare Syria.  

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